Book Cover Design: Adobe to Austen

I always judge a book by it’s cover, how can I not?  Despite the notorious adage, almost everybody does and publishers know it.  The process of conceptualizing a book cover design to it’s printing is a complicated and intricate operation.  Many graphic designers and artists dedicate their art to the process of wrapping the pages […]Read More

Lets Use Modern Classics!

There are some books which are always on school book lists and most customers will have on ‘to-be-read’ lists.  Those books which, even the biggest reader, will sometimes get “You haven’t read “Insert Incredible Classic Here”!!?”  Now, with the onslaught of re-jacketed and (very) reasonably priced classics, what better way to beef up sales than […]Read More

Does Trash Culture Have a Place in Indie Bookstores?

Book ordering is critically important in how customers view a store, stock is (if not the most important) one of the single reasons a customer will purchase in your store. But is there some stock which has a detrimental effect to how an indie store is viewed? Admittedly, this blog is more of a discussion […]Read More

Can We Turn a Bookstore Downsize into an Upgrade?

In Brisbane, Australia, there is a 52-year-old independent, family-owned store named the American Bookstore. Despite that this store has seen over half-a-century of excellent trading and strong customer base, the American Bookstore (ABS) has found themselves needing to relocate due to exorbitant rent in the CBD and the presently ‘border-nary’ book trade. ABS will be […]Read More