Sidewalk Sweeper: Just one more hat to wear for the

I’m Starting to Think, ‘Leaf Me Alone!’ At some point the city fathers and mothers okayed the planting of trees up and down the length of Main Street (in this case, a distance of about ten or twelve blocks).  They are regularly spaced, in diamond shaped holes in the sidewalk.  The trees march up the middle of […]Read More

We Finally Open the Book Store! Hoorah!

By Caro Hedge Three months after we had assumed we would be open, we were still working on the store, having spent three weeks on the verge of “almost ready” but having one or another thing coming up almost every day that delayed everything once again. Then we got a kick in the seat of […]Read More

Have you ever left an auction with a little Bonus?

by Caro Hedge Our signs are up, our signs are up! T. says the train was supposed to be on the other side of the words, but what the heck, what a pain to get it moved. And this way it looks like the train is arriving. The sign lights up well at night. It […]Read More

Mascots, Helpers and Décor.

We would love to have a bookstore cat.  We think bookstore cats are enchanting.  We even have a few candidates at home, and one of those is a sweetie who qualifies as perfect for the job, a loving, dignified and charming example of the feline species.  The lady next door in the beauty salon brings her tiny dog […]Read More

Take the next step: Buy Books at Auctions

More about auctions Apparently there are auctions and then there are Colorado prairie auctions. On TV, I’ve seen pictures of auctions in England and other places where people are INSIDE and they actually sit on chairs, and to bid, they hold up a paddle. Isn’t that amazing? And there’s an article on this blog which […]Read More

Bookshops: Scoping Out the Competition

In our town, there are a few places to get books. Wal-Mart and Safeway have a section of new books. The dollar stores sometimes have a few. The rummage shop has some used books. A classy gift shop has an estate collection it is selling at $2.00 a book as part of a charity that […]Read More

In the Month Before We Opened our Bookshop

[an ongoing series: all the posts are here..] Remember the historical society cases it took so much combined effort to remove, which I myself prefer to not remember at all, ever ever ever? They had not been moved since the flood of ‘65. So the wall behind needed some cleaning and work. And when the […]Read More

A Bit of Haunted Déjà Vu

Retail Trades is a group which meets once a month down at the art center. It is the intention of the group to attract shoppers to downtown Lamar and to promote local businesses. To do this they need a budget, and the big money-maker each year for this budget is the Retail Trades Haunted House. […]Read More