Marketing Books to Boys

One of the members of a children’s literature listserv send a query to the group.  She explained that she was writing historical fiction and that the setting of her book was the South during the Great Depression.  One of her characters was a teenage boy who was poor, athletic and used reading as his escape. […]Read More

The Joy of Cookbooks

I’m into porn. Cookbook porn. It’s a terrible habit. I have the basics: Betty, Julia, Fanny. I have the stuff that’s a little off: Nigella, Bobby, even a Canadian named Laura. Then there are the extremes: Silver Palate, Babycakes, Death By Chocolate. It’s a guilty pleasure. I savor each cookbook as it arrives in the […]Read More

Fear of Math Or, How I Became an Amazon Reseller

On a warm June day eight years ago I received a phone call from the director of a summer school program.  I had worked as a librarian in the program for three years and assumed my application had been accepted for the upcoming summer session scheduled to begin in two weeks.  The director apologized as […]Read More