“R” is for Reason: the 5 Practical Reasons to Collect

What bibliophile doesn’t love owning their own personal libraries in their living room, den, office, and their bedrooms, in their car, and on top of their fridge? Years ago, I had two bookcases filled with philosophy books I had either read or planned to read. That’s when I realized it was time to get rid […]Read More

Archive Boxes: Who Needs Them?

While a book may not be fragile when it is first printed, it quickly and imperceptibly begins to decompose. Over time it’s materials disintegrate. Leather turns to powder. The spine releases the pages. Add that to the wear and tear of occasional use or handling and eventually the book may be beyond repair. Preserving books […]Read More

Identifying Collectable Harry Potter Books the Easy Way

Look inside the upper inside cover of books one through four, if you see a printed sale price, then you probably have a valuable collector’s item. Why? Because the first printing of the first edition is desired by collectors and all were printed with a sale price. The popularity of Harry Potter has made the […]Read More

Book Collecting With Twitter

Twitter may prove indispensable for collecting new first edition signed books these days. An aspiring author can sacrifice hours hunched over their keyboard and they often take breaks to “microblog” on the popular social media website. Just as with regular blogs, they share everything from the consistency of their gnocchi to what they just said […]Read More

Library Books: Patronized But Still Collectable

A few book buyers avoid former library books on principle alone. Without a doubt, circulation costs a manuscript a degree of aesthetic integrity, the same as any used copy, but outright rejection due to processing blemishes is a sophomoric approach. It generates a lost opportunity for both booksellers and the collectors who frequent their stores. […]Read More

Common Misconceptions About Rare Books

I live within driving distance of the world’s largest new and used bookstore, Powell’s City of Books. Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, the store occupies an entire city block and stocks more than a million new and used books. While Toronto may boast the largest bookstore in the world, as a collector, only Powell’s could […]Read More