Living with COPD and a Little Book Promotion

The books are our normal problem, correcting the many errors we made when first we started selling them. We loved and collected books but by golly, we didn’t know about selling, pricing or even describing. So we have to go back and have a do-over. That takes a lot of work. But in between times […]Read More

Reviving old Books

Brian W. Webster I recently came into possession of a book – “Fathers and Sons” by Turgenev in 1867 – in not very good condition. I have been experimenting with a product called “Absorene”, originally used for house cleaning but also excellent on books. With caution I tried it with this volume, which was […]Read More

On the Hunt – Estate Sales and Yard Sales

In the beginning, when we first started in the Internet Book business, we already had quite a few volumes to sell, but it became obvious that we neither had enough books or a wide enough range to do very well. What we needed was stock and variety.Read More

Dirty Books

Just recently I was offered a batch of books at a good price but – take all or no deal. So we took them all, about 200. Obviously or first step was to sort the into A’s and B’s. A’s are 1st Editions, books we know are good, old paperbacks in good condition and others […]Read More

Are the Days of the Real Book Numbered?

CAN THIS BE THE END? BY Brian W. Webster I can feel the tremor of fear that runs through the book world with the advent of computered books and, to be honest I felt it too. But a thought came to my head from remembering a friend I had in ages past. He owned a […]Read More

An Empty Library

What do you do when you are given a Library that has no books? And suppose this library was surrounded by miles and miles of nothing but rice paddies? And nobody but your immediate compatriots could speak English, or if they did, it was pidgeon with very few words. Well that was what faced me […]Read More

My experience with packaging books

When we first entered the book selling business we were complete beginners as far as shipping books was concerned. We had a lot of knowledge of shipping other materials bot not books. Luckily we had some of the correct aids and took advatage of those and merely use bubble wrap and large commercial envelopes as […]Read More

My Life – Saved by Books Once, Surrounded by Books

LIFE WITH BOOKS BY Brian W. Wesbster I have been lucky with books all of my life. Once they saved my life. During World War 2 I was living in London, but on the outskirts. We were only occasioally bombed, although there was a large Anti Aricraft unit very close to us and you could […]Read More