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Would you like to add some more time to your day?

As anyone who has described his first few hundred books knows the chore of creating a nice listing comes down to a few book specific notes followed by a handful of stock phrases used over and over again. There are some quite simple tools that can turn “solid binding, text[Read More…]

by July 17, 2007 Tools, Work Smarter
Give away your books on Facebook

Give away your books on Facebook

Here’s a tip for getting a little exposure in your community. I hope your store is listed on Facebook, it’s a great place to get some free exposure. We’ll be doing an article on them shortly but for now let’s assume you have a free account there. What you can[Read More…]

by July 15, 2007 Marketing Ideas
Controlling a mixed Online and In-Store book inventory

Controlling a mixed Online and In-Store book inventory

We often read the question, “I keep my online books mixed together with my in-store only inventory and often misplace books”. It can be frustrating selling a nice book online only to not find it anywhere in your store, and not only frustrating but downright expensive, especially if you fall[Read More…]

by July 13, 2007 Inventory Management

Phone Numbers for and eBay

This list was put together by Joyce Godsey at The BiblioPhile Bullpen. Joyce also sells superior products for book dealers at Sic Press – worth a visit. *********************** Useful phone numbers for booksellers and online retailers: Phone number – USA and Canada 800-315-5335 / other 250-475-6013 / 250-475-7575 /[Read More…]

by July 13, 2007 Miscellaneous

Free bookseller's resources at the Bookshop Blog

Welcome to the Bookshop Blog. Our purpose is simply to help you be a better bookseller. We hope to become the place you refer to when in need of book selling information, be it breaking news on our industry, a free review of your website or blog, or a simple[Read More…]

by July 12, 2007 Miscellaneous