The Best Darn Bookshop in Krakow

My family and I spent some time in Krakow, Poland in 2017 and boy, did we enjoy it. A walker’s city, full of parks, a gorgeous river, rich history and a stunning castle. What more could a visitor want – how about one of the coolest bookstores to be found in any city. Massolit Books […]Read More

A New Restaurant & Bookshop Opens in Raleigh

– from Shelf-Awareness Raleigh’s Brewery Bhavana: ‘Flowers, Books, Beer & Dim Sum’ Brewery Bhavana, a restaurant in downtown Raleigh offering craft beer and dim sum, plus a flower shop and bookstore, opened last Wednesday, the News & Observer reported, noting that the bookshop and floral shop inside will initially operate according to restaurant’s evening schedule, […]Read More

Book Review: ‘Transit,’ By Rachel Cusk : NPR

Transit, the second installment of Rachel Cusk’s cumulatively affecting post-divorce trilogy that began with Outline, is a reading journey you wish didn’t have to end — so it’s a good thing there’s a third volume on the itinerary. This isn’t to say these subdued, meandering novels are a joyride, at least not in the usual […]Read More

James Patterson Books Chronological Order

(updated January 2020) James Patterson has written a Lot of books, some good, some ehh and some that are truly remarkable. He’s also written a few with co-authors like Andrew Gross. It can be a little confusing trying to figure out the order to read them (although many of his stories are quite independent). So […]Read More

Best Football Autobiographies For Christmas

There’s something magical about a football autobiography. It opens us up to a world totally alien to us. A world with fast cars, expensive houses, and glamorous parties. But what’s more, it opens us up to the dressing room. There have been a number of great footballing books released over the years by some of […]Read More

The Best Strategy? Read The Book Of Course…

No matter what we do in life, a clear strategy always will always boost your chances of success tenfold. Whether that be running a business, running a marathon, or running for president, it’s important to have clear steps on exactly how you will achieve this. And what better way to do that than reading a […]Read More

Tracey Rolfe: My Self-Publishing Journey

A guest post by Tracey Rolfe When I wrote my first book what I knew and understood about the publishing world you could write on the back of a postage stamp. The following is a not very subtle breakdown of my frustrating experience:  (1) print and collate three chapters of my manuscript with covering letter; […]Read More