A Need for Neon!

I have long wanted to have a neon sign created for my bookstore.  I envisioned a “moving sign” that would have glowing pages flipping in jerky stop motion, something unique and artistic to draw the eye to our store.  I called around to several neon sign designers, and my dream was promptly smashed to smithereens […]Read More

How my Bookshop Plans to Survive e-Books

... or see a 45 year old woman in a tea shop in my small town reading The Grapes of Wrath on her kindle while eating a chocolate chip cookie. Part of me wants to sidle up to her and ask how it feels to be dancing with the devil...Read More

Goo Gone – The Art of Removing Labels from Books

Find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation?  All gummed up with nowhere to go!  Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, it’s an article about the glamorous and exciting world of label removal. Our store has a reputation for having clean and very gently used books.  This is largely due to the beautifying ritual that we […]Read More

Hiring Staff for the Bookshop

Hiring is that time of incredible potential; gazing into the unknown sea of resumes and plucking out the chosen few who might just take your bookstore to a whole new level, or alternately, have you pulling out your hair and wondering why on earth someone would alphabetize the whole store by title while you’re on vacation (yes, I have heard of this happening to an unfortunate colleague years ago).Read More