Time Wasters and Tyre Kickers

I sold my first book on my website (A Novel Book) a few weeks ago. Yeah me!!! But I it took 5 very long days before the deal was finally done. It was a strange week. The first email came through saying she was having problems going through the checkout process. I sent an email […]Read More

Desperately Seeking Synopsis

It has just occurred to me as I’m typing up my listings (still waiting, waiting, waiting for the website to be finalised) that I seem to spend most of my time searching the internet for book information, more accurately the synopsis. The new fiction books are easy. I usually go directly to fantastic fiction and […]Read More

How Do You Shelve Your Books When Patrons Are Not

I was having a look through some old Bookshop Blogs and found this one bookstore-shelving and it got me to thinking about the storage system I use at home. I don’t have a B&M store. My shop is web-based so I don’t need to display my books. I also don’t need to worry too much […]Read More

What To Do When The Power Is Off!

In Perth this week we have had the worst summer storm in nearly 40 years. Over 150,000 houses lost their power (and 5 days later, there are still many homes without power) and the city has been declared a Natural Disaster Zone. We, fortunately, did not lose our power for very long. But it occurred […]Read More

The Big Book Cull

While I am having my new website redesigned I thought now might be time to have a clear out. Get rid of the books that have been sitting there for, well some of them may have been there for a few years – don’t judge me, I just got busy!Read More

Will You Buy My Used Books?

This is not a strength of mine. I am not a haggler. I walk into a store and ALWAYS pay the price that is being asked. I am trying to change this particular trait – it is not beneficial to my business to pay full price for something I’m trying to on- sell. That’s the nature of our chosen job isn’t it? We want the best quality for the lowest price, and then want a discount on top of that because our margins are so tight.Read More

Roll up your sleeves and get to work bookshop owners

Having recently returned from our annual Christmas camping trip, I decided the time has come to make my plans for this year. To start treating this hobby as a profitable business. To stop procrastinating and start doing. I have a website that needs some major attention. I have neglected it for a few months now […]Read More