Don’t Mess Up Your Online Book Selling Business

Clean Up Your Inventory Act! Do you know that managing your inventory when you sell books online can be a very complex thing to do? You can’t just leave everything to chance while running your business. This is particularly true when you sell used books online. You’ll be faced with the problem of building up […]Read More

Will the Kindle and iPad be the Downfall of Online

Is Kindle Going to Kill Us? It’s been a year since Amazon first reported earnings in which book sales were flat, but Kindles were in such demand that stocks were empty and back-orders were stretching into the tens of thousands. Since then, we’ve seen Kindle mature into a stable platform, Sony offer a competing digital […]Read More

Anticipating Demand, What Books Will Sell Tomorrow?

It’s a little known fact that you don’t always have to be Nostradamus to be able to anticipate demand when selling used books. There are several recurring scenarios that offer the savvy dealer a chance to buy low and sell high… and all it takes is a little extra attention to what is going on […]Read More

Opinions Wanted: Do YOU look at feedback ratings?

I’ve been thinking of the topic of feedback lately and how it affects sales for online booksellers.  I’ve been selling books online for about 2 years now and have maintained a solid 98-99% feedback rating.  However, I don’t necessarily know if this has affected sales in any way.  I see all kinds of huge sellers […]Read More

How To Take Advantage of Used Book Sales

If you own a brick and mortar store or sell books online and want to run a successful business you have to continually acquire new inventory.  Hopefully, you’ll have to do this frequently because your current inventory will be selling so quickly!  Sometimes finding new sources can be a difficult and time consuming task.  Depending […]Read More

Full Time Job/Part Time Book Business

Throughout the few months that I have been running my blog at, I’ve run into countless people just like me that are running a part time business selling books.  I’ve heard from receptionists wanting to make some money on the side to make ends meet, almost retirees that are trying to get ramped up […]Read More