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Best books on addiction: Author Patricia Nicol recommends books focused on recovery

Apparently, most New Year’s resolutions will have faltered or failed by this coming weekend. Strava, the exercise logging app, has crunched its start-of-year stats to designate January 19 as ‘Quitters’ Day’. Yes, Sunday is the day on which folks are most likely to dress in their running togs to crack open a beer on the sofa.

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Daily Mail

Superhero bookshelf

A special bookshelf that gives a ‘floating-on-air’ feeling. The superhero character seems to easily stop the books from falling down to the ground.

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The Cookbooks You Need for 2020, as Selected by Chefs

Chosen by Ella Risbridger, who says: Its not a stretch to say that Diana Henry is a huge part of the reason I am a food writer. Diana, to anyone who loves food and writing about food, needs no introduction: One of the leading lights of British cookery writing, she makes food you want to eat and writes about it in prose you want to read.

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The New York Times

Walter Mosley: ‘Everyone Can Write a Book.’

First Draft: A Dialogue of Writing is a weekly show featuring in-depth interviews with fiction, nonfiction, essay writers, and poets, highlighting the voices of writers as they discuss their work, their craft, and the literary arts. Hosted by Mitzi Rapkin, First Draft celebrates creative writing and the individuals who are dedicated to bringing their carefully [ ]

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