Books & Stuff: Monkey’s Paw, McMurtry And The Witcher

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A Visit to Toronto’s Famous Monkey’s Paw Bookshop

The Monkeys Paw is a Toronto bookshop specializing in uncommon books and paper artifacts from the age of print. It is also the home of the Biblio-Mat, the worlds first randomized vending machine for old books. I am a bibliophile, author, columnist, and software executive based in the Silicon Valley (Readers may recall my How I Got Started profile from the summer 2016 issue of Fine Books.)

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Fine Books

Here is the Canada Reads 2020 longlist

Fifteen books are on the Canada Reads longlist for 2020. From deeply personal memoirs to poetry and speculative fiction, this year’s longlisted books speak to the theme: One book to bring Canada into focus. We’re looking at Canada’s 2020 vision. How do we move forward together Thesebooksinspire readers to think twice about the lens through which they see themselves and Canada.

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Larry McMurtry and Me — No, We’ve Never Met

The last book I read in 2019, finishing the last 50 pages or so aloud, in bed, reading to the Artist as we waited for the midnight hour to strike, was Larry McMurtry’s Books: A Memoir . McMurtry is a big-time player in the trade, as well as a very successful writer who has seen many of his novels turned into movies, but there are always areas of commonality in the lives and thoughts of reader/booksellers.

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The Witcher Showrunner Explains Why They Cut Some of Geralt’s Dialogue

One of the more popular memes coming out of Netflix’s The Witcher is Geralt’s constant use of hmm and f*** throughout the series, and overall Geralt tends to keep his words to a minimum if he can help it. That’s actually something more in line with the hit games than the books, as in the original novels he is at times quite chatty.

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