The Best Strategy? Read The Book Of Course…

No matter what we do in life, a clear strategy always will always boost your chances of success tenfold. Whether that be running a business, running a marathon, or running for president, it’s important to have clear steps on exactly how you will achieve this.


And what better way to do that than reading a book. The font of all knowledge can be found across millions of pages, and luckily for you we’ve narrowed it down to five titles that’ll see you a poker-playing, Entrepreneurial, fitness-freak in no time.

The 33 Strategies of War


But of course you need a guide to everyday life based on the military principles of war first right? Maybe not, but The 33 Strategies of War is a great read and has many valuable lessons, including how to win the everyday battles of life through the teachings of Napoleon, Lord Nelson, Hannibal, and many more.

Written by Robert Greene, it’s part of a unique series that includes The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction, which have been revered across the globe. The 33 Strategies of War was described by The Sunday Times as “an excellent toolkit for dealing with business and relationships.” We’re inclined to agree.

Every Hand Revealed

In poker you should never reveal your hand. Your cards should be kept closely to your chest. For the sake of us however, Former Full Tilt Pro Gus Hansen had other ideas. A hand-by-hand breakdown

Gus Hansen Book of Hansen’s Aussie Millions World Poker Tour victory, it discusses the highs and lows of each hand, risky raises, and more importantly the honesty behind being deceptive in pokers greatest art – bluffing.

It’s an excellent piece of literature for both experienced and new poker players, being talked through the strategy of one of the world’s best players.

The Rebel Entrepreneur

Mark Zuckerberg, Malcolm McLaren, Steve Jobs – they all did things a little differently, yet Facebook, Apple, and the Sex Pistols changed not only the world but the way we live our lives.

pic4The Rebel Entrepreneur backs up the idea that you don’t necessarily need to stick to a business plan, citing a number of examples of how entrepreneurs do things their own way. Jonathan Moules challenges the conventional ways of growing a business – does one need a bank loan to start and grow a business? Should prices be increased during tougher times?

It’s a guide at looking at the alternatives, how not to follow a crowd, after all it’s how the likes of Richard Branson and James Dyson are now worth billions.

Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training


Perhaps closer to the bible than a strategy guide when it comes to running, the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training is the ultimate handbook to get you round those 26 miles.

It’ll have you ready in just 16 weeks and includes training plans, dietary advice, and tips ranging from how to stay injury free to battling the touch climbs when 13 miles in running up-hill. Wanting to run a marathon? Here’s where you start.

Playing To Win: How Strategy Really Works


If you need to know anything about success, then you can’t go far wrong with taking a few tips from Alan George Lafley, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Procter and Gamble.

Playing To Win is a Washington Post bestseller and is critically acclaimed by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, taking you through the strategy that saw Lafley and strategic adviser Roger Martin increase P&G’s market value by over $100billion.

It addresses five essential tactics that you can take you ahead of your competitors, and how they consistently saw the likes of Gilette, Febreze, and Olay’s sales shoot up. It’s a walkthrough on how the Cincinnati-based brand played and won, now it’s your turn.

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