Robert Ludlum Books in Chronological Order

Robert Ludlum was one of the best action writers of his time. He is the creator of the massively successful Bourne series and has sold close to a half billion books worldwide. Although he died in 2001 his brand lives on and continues to publish.

Here is the list of Robert Ludlum books in chronological order.

The Scarlatti Inheritance (1971)

The Osterman Weekend (1972)

The Matlock Paper (1973)

Trevayne (1973 as Jonathan Ryder)

The Cry of the Halidon (1974 as Jonathan Ryder)

The Rhinemann Exchange (1974)

The Road to Gandolfo (1975 as Michael Shepherd)

The Gemini Contenders (1976)

The Chancellor Manuscript (1977)

The Holcroft Covenant (1978)

The Matarese Circle (1979)

The Bourne Identity (1980)

The Parsifal Mosaic (1982)

The Aquitaine Progression (1984)

The Bourne Supremacy (1986)

The Icarus Agenda (1988)

The Bourne Ultimatum (1990)

The Road to Omaha (1992)

The Scorpio Illusion (1993)

The Apocalypse Watch (1995)

The Matarese Countdown (1997)

The Prometheus Deception (2000)

The Sigma Protocol (2001 published posthumously)

There were other novels written under the Ludlum moniker but this is a marketing tactic and does represent creative work so we won’t include them in this Ludlum book list.

Sequels to the Bourne Series, written by Eric Van Lustbader

  • The Bourne Legacy (2004)
  • The Bourne Betrayal (2007)
  • The Bourne Sanction (2008)
  • The Bourne Deception (2009)
  • The Bourne Objective (2010)
  • The Bourne Dominion (2011)
  • The Bourne Imperative (2012)
  • The Bourne Retribution (2013)
  • The Bourne Ascendancy (2014)
  • The Bourne Enigma (2016)
  • The Bourne Initiative (2017)
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