How to Market Your Book

Congratulations on crossing “Print My Book” off of your bucket list! However, the self-publishing community often faces trials and tribulations after the book has been printed. If the first group of printed books did well, but you’re struggling to keep selling them, we’ve got some fresh ideas that anyone can implement, even those with a small budget. Here are several easy tasks to kick off your book marketing campaign:

  • Create a website with a blog  The site doesn’t need to be elaborate. Free platforms such as WordPress allow you to easily craft a simple site displaying information for your book and a means to sell it. Link to the page where readers can buy your book. This website can also serve your book in the future; if you convert it to an eBook, you can freshen up the content, add a link to the eBook download page, and begin promoting. You can invite people to review your book, and publish glowing reviews on the site. This site can also serve as a platform to boost social media posts; create interesting content and push it out via Facebook & Twitter. If you are not tech savvy enough to set up your own website, you can use a reasonably priced professional at Elance or oDesk.
Hugh Howey Website
example of author Hugh Howey’s site


  • Print Materials with a QR Code Have you marketed your book in brick and mortar places? Flyers look nice, but everyone stores information in their smart phone or tablet these days. Give potential readers and audiences a way to remember you – create a Flyer or business card with a QR code so your information does not get lost or misplaced. Need help? Use Elance or oDesk again, or create your own with


  • Book Clubs & Book clubs are a great way to get free PR! You may be able to find one in your area using Offer the book club free copies of your book, and in exchange ask for reviews from each member. You can place the positive reviews on your website, or invite them to your page. Be sure to thank the members who did not give a glowing review, you will be able to use their feedback in your next project!


  • Guest post Approach a blogger whose focus coincides with the topic of your book and ask if you can write a guest post on their blog about the topic. Most bloggers are happy to hand over the floor, and will even let you include your bio linking back to where readers can purchase your book.


  • Author interviews Search for websites that give author interviews, and ask to be included! There are many writing community websites available, and a high number of them feature authors for content. Reach out to your local publications as well; print magazines and newspapers often welcome content from local artists and authors. Ask them to include your QR code in the publication to encourage people to visit your page and purchase your book!


The possibilities are endless for marketing your book! Even if you are not a technical person, delegating internet related tasks is easy and affordable, and can yield great success for the author who is willing to take extra steps in their marketing efforts.

Written by Jeremy Hess
Jeremy Hess is a guest contributor and a self-publishing printing expert at Gasch Printing

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  • This is a great summary on how to market your book. There are many books on how to write but not many on the marketing side of it.

  • Thanks Jeremy, good stuff!

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