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The Joy of Cookbooks

cookbook porn
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  1. Riley Banks says:

    Connie, I’m there with you. I’m completely and utterly addicted to cook books. My shelves are groaning under the weight of them. I’ve even carted them around the world as we’ve moved countries 4 times (and about 10 house moves during that time!). My husband keeps begging me to get rid of some but I’m so horrified by the suggestion, you’d think he’d asked me to get rid of a few children.

    Silly thing is, I rarely cook anything out of them. I just love to read them. Sometimes I will use them as inspiration to create my own dishes but religiously follow a recipe… RARELY! I bought another one just the other day but didn’t have the heart to tell the hubby. Wonder if there is some kind of AA for us.

  2. bibek says:

    Yeah! Me to addicted to cook books. Nice post and enjoyed reading this

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