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Putting Books In Hands

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  1. Suzie says:

    You’ve given me food for thought here, I wonder if I could do that here. It would make for an interesting travel experience to give away books as I walk.

    1. Jas Faulkner says:

      Parks are a great place to give away books. I usually start with the park police and then work my way around. (It’s also a good way to avoid the police trying to find out who the person is trying to palm off copies of “The Phantom Tollbooth” and “Anna Karenina.”) One bit of safety advice: I pick busy times when the park is pretty heavily populated.

      Good luck with your quest and keep us posted!

  2. Doron Locketz says:

    We often have a free box outside our one store where we will place books that sellers have asked us to dispose of . This works very well

    1. Jas Faulkner says:

      I love that, Doron! What you may not see during your workday* (but I hope you get at least a glimpse) are the people who walk away from that bin many of them pleased to find a wished-for title or smiling at finding a new-to-them book.

      Maybe I’m wrong about this, but those discards could very well provide a gateway to readers who have gotten into a rut and find themselves reluctant to read certain authors or genres: The nonfiction reader who can’t bring himself/herself to spending credit or cash on a novel. The person who read every Louis L’Amour novel as a kid, and suspects they’d like Larry McMurtry, but just can’t bring themselves to crack the first Berrybender book.

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