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Little Davids Take On Amazon Giant

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  1. ClaudeA says:

    Dianne, Teddy was in bed with those mongrels that it was made to appear he conquered. The very same mongrels own and operate the very same presidential “Teddy’s” of today.

    If it is of interest to you, search and find and study the fearful chart named “Bilderberger Chart.” It is so popular a search item links to many should be at the top of all searches.

    In it you will see direct ties between ALL monopolists and their owned government. “We the Sheeple” are so dumbed-down by their “news” media that we are the same frog in a pan of cool water on a slow burner.

    Yes! Protest! Scream! But, to wake up fellow frogs? Only a catastrophe will, and the fallout . . .?

    Thanks for your heartfelt rant. It echoes mine.

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