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On The Right Track – Railway Mystery Books

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  1. steve kennedy says:

    I take exception in your review of “Death Train To Boston” to your phrase “-but it captures the time and thought process for that particular extremist sect.” I can’t imagine if the book was about Blacks or Jews or fill in the blanks. Please apologize.

    1. This novel is set back in a time when a certain extremist sect of Mormons believed in multiple wives. It doesn’t reflect what the Church of Latter Day Saints believe or practice today. I can’t apologize for history.

  2. Nancy Ellis says:

    You’ve given me several titles to look out for! First I have to find The Necropolis Railway, that sounds perfectly creepy 🙂 And then The Insane Train; with a title like that, how could I not be intrigued.
    I like Wentworth, too – she was one of my first favorite mystery authors – a bit too cozy for my taste now, but I’ll always be fond of Miss Silver and her umbrellas.

    1. I thought I would never like Wentworth–I didn’t start reading her until a year or so, believe it or not! I am drawn to the same two titles you are–I also have other railway mysteries here, but can’t remember name or have the remote idea of plot–haven’t read them, ha.

  3. neer says:

    I love reading about murder on the tracks so thank you so much. An interesting article and an impressive list of books. Glad I found this post (via John’s Pretty Sinister Books). Incidentally, did your father enjoy the books?

    1. Thanks for visiting! And yes, my dad really enjoyed them–especially Foamers, I think, because there was suspense plus it followed train lovers like my father himself. And the anthology was particularly good for him. He never read much before his Alzheimer’s, but for whatever reason, he devoured books like candy for a period of time, then never picked another up. That disease is devastating. I was happy to have given him some pleasure before he could no longer comprehend most things. Come back again!

  4. Loved this article. The covers are great, too. If we ever do another issue on Murder Transport of Mystery Readers Journal, I’d love to reprint this!

    1. Janet–Hello! Thanks so much for visiting–I’ll ask the boss if that would be OK–if there is a link back to the site, I bet it will be fine.
      Thanks again!

  5. One you missed (probably because it came out after your article ;-3) is “All Aboard for Murder” by R. T. Ray

  6. June Winton says:

    Here’s another one for your collection:

    The Mystery on the Miniature Railway


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