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How to attract customers to your bookshop

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  1. Leonid, another insightful and interesting article, thanks! I agree with most of your points–I especially like the little subject touches of a toy soldier etc. I definitely agree to leave the customer alone, and the good idea of a sign explaining they can ask questions.

    And music is very important. One note here–for the sake of the employees sanity, change the music weekly, at least. I swear–a couple of years of daily doses of Enya can drive a normal person to extremes. LOL.

    If the store carries new titles only, then I completely agree with the clean, fragrant cobwebless floors. Speaking strictly for myself, I want an old bookstore to reek of antique papers, have piles of books, and a few cobwebs and dust particles around.

    I used to do the windows for one of the bookshops I managed. I need to write an article on that, lol. I used themes all the time.

    I hope all of these factors help make your store a fantastic success!

  2. Virtuouswnspa says:

    Thanks for posting this article. It was very insightful! God Bless~

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