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In a time when people must sacrifice much to afford a medical, dental, allied health, or veterinary education, there are still ways to save money and practice smart consumption. One way that you can
manage the cost of a post-secondary education is through smart purchases of health textbooks at a health bookstore.

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Elsevier Health Bookstore understands that you are on a tight budget and it strives to provide discounts to its clients through the online store. For example, if you are studying pediatric nursing, your professor might choose a title like Gloria Leifer’s “Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing, 6th Edition,” which is one of our top sellers in the subject. If you shop around our online bookstore, there are many online deals to consider.

Whether you are a student, lecturer, instructor, medical professional, or practitioner, you can find many great health science textbooks at the store. There is something for everyone.

For Professors, Instructors, and Lecturers

If you are an instructor or professor, get assistance in customizing the next lecture to include resources from the Elsevier Health Bookstore. For example you might want to make a hybrid course that includes some textbook readings and students’ access of online interactive media lessons provided by the textbook publisher(s).

When you use both traditional textbooks and online learning materials as part of a single price to students, students get the important opportunity to learn in different ways. Our options for hybridizing a college health course can make the whole learning experience more meaningful for students. This helps you to meet all needs and keep your own course content organized and planned
for the entire term.

For Students and Professionals

If you want to add at least one health or medical textbook title to your student or professional library, you can also find what you need on the site. Here is a highlight of some of the things that you might want to find to stock your current medical library, whether you are studying for a degree in a health sciences field or augmenting your professional collection.

College textbooks in the different health sciences include books on dentistry, health professions, medicine, nursing and midwifery, and veterinary medicine. Within the health professions topics, there are also many subjects, including complementary and alternative medicine, emergency medical services, general health professions, manual therapy, massage therapy, medical assisting, occupational therapy, optometry, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, and sports medicine.

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