Do it yourself bookshelves

There’s tons and tons of commercially available book displays out there, but that doesn’t always mean you can find QUITE what you wanted. Or at the price you wanted.  Instructables is a website full of do it yourself projects, illustrated with photos.  Some of them are brilliant, easy  projects… some you look at them and are pretty sure this person is way handier than you and if you tried it you’d be looking at a trip to the emergency room.  Bookshelves are a favorite project and there’s some fascinating takes on them.    Click the link to see the instructions on how to make them!

Bridge of books












Tube shelves made from concrete forms











Cube shelves made from old encyclopedias















Upside down bookshelf! (yes, you can remove the books, no problem)














Two litter bottle shelves– they disassemble for easy transport. made of bottle racks.



















Cardboard (!!!) case. (they claim it will support books, fully loaded)



















More cardboard cases, this one with a blueprint!


















Cardboard mushroom shaped children’s bookcase













Nomad bookcase.  No fasteners, can be assembled and diassembled for easy transport



















Another nomad bookcase, this one has much smaller shelves suitable for paperbacks or DVDs













Children’s book display













Tetris shelves. stack them however you like!














Some of these require more skill than others, but they all have a lot more character than the standard IKEA shelves that are so prevalent!





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