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The Best Book Covers

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  1. Nancy Ellis says:

    Too wonderful for words, Diane, you’ve put together an impressive synopsis of the history of book illustration here. I too, as you know, love book cover art, though my collection does not compare to yours. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and hope lots of our friends from Flickr will be reading this.

    I looked into buying some facsimile book covers a while ago but then I was fortunate to find the originals I needed at an affordable price. But while going through the “catalog” of covers that Terry has re-created, I was tempted to buy some, even though I don’t own the books – they are so beautiful!

  2. Nancy–I’m a novice compared to people on flickr who know each and every cover artist’s name, the year it was published, and probably have their baby footprints somewhere, lol.
    Oh, I bought a couple of his jackets and put them on whatever book I have that will pass–just because the art is so splendiferous. One of the jackets is sooooo cool, I wanted a tee shirt made, but the darn husband hasn’t obliged!

  3. lara says:

    I love book cover art,it tells the story before you read it in its own unique way. Thank you for putting up a very interesting article on the history of these book cover art. I have really enjoyed this little eye candy and have munched it all, can’t wait for he second helping!

  4. Oyunlar says:

    The old woman and her pig is my favourite, it’s a state of art!

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