The Kindle will be dead in four years

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  1. prying1 says:

    Good article Nora.

    I do not have a kindle and the phone I have has the simple alpha-numeric pad so to send a text message is still a somewhat tedious process for me. I have held a Kindle (my daughter has one) and looked at some other similar devices in stores. Not for me but the Kindle does do the trick for a lot of people. Very readable but as you said, “No backlight” and I would have to set a pillow on the floor by the side of my bed to catch it when I fall asleep while reading.

    My wife has a phone with a keyboard on it and I have used it to text. I suppose I could get used to it but the keys are so small, I’m used to what I have, so I put off switching. I’ve used friend’s Iphones a few times to access my emails and find that they are handy but heck if I would want one of them or a similar item to be my primary internet access. Nor would I want to read a book on a phone screen.

    That is about it. I’m not a “high-techie must have the newest ‘toy’ at all times” and I’m more of a grumpy “Why can’t they leave it the way it was” kind of guy when Adobe or Java wants me to spend my time getting an update.

    The line you wrote, “Why would you buy a device that does less than your basic phone?” did not address the issue of readability. Question is will ‘phones’ ever have a screen that makes reading a pleasure?

    I find most phones I’ve seen have screens that are impossible to read in certain light and, as an aside, say a prayer before picking it up if you drop it but that dropping it goes for e-readers too.

    Perhaps they will come out with e-readers with readable screens that have phones built into them. Then and only then I MIGHT invest after the price drops from the initial introduction. (I’m grumpy AND cheap)

    Once again, Good posting. It will be interesting to see what happens. We have come quite a way from the days horses gave way to the auto, houses were converted from gas to electricity and the telephone was introduced.

    1. Nora O'Neill says:

      Some very high end phones have a projector in them so you can project what’s on screen onto a flat surface. It’s currently VERY expensive and finicky about how visible it is in anything but a dark room.

      You can also buy a projection device that will allow you to project a keyboard onto a flat surface and it’ll pick up your motions. The device itself is finicky and about the size of a cellphone itself. It’s around $150-$200 by itself, depending on the model.

      Give those two items a few years and you’ll probably be able to put your phone down on any available flat surface and project a big version of the screen in front, keyboard projected to back. (or side) It’s just a matter of the quality improving, tech getting smaller, and the cost falling. but it’s on the horizon.

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