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The Bookshop Lease Now Firmly In Hand

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  1. Im going to buy a few books via your site. This is only thanks to the useful tip you give me. Its allways appreciate that you give a massive amount of links to book sites and I recomend you, to evryone out there.

  2. George says:

    Welcome to the fabulous book business.
    I am sure that no matter how long you operate your own store it will be a time full of great memories and satisfaction.

    I hope the people around you think of you as a workaholic and someone who gets things done because there are already enough of us dreamers in the business … smile.

    Best wishes … now get started and hire someone as soon as you can to help you with the neverending workload.

    1. Janet Geddis says:

      Thanks for the kind words, George! I am glad to be expanding the business to a brick & mortar storefront. Selling online & at events was fun, but nothing like being in my own store will be. 🙂 Let the sleep deprivation begin!

  3. Janet, Congratulations on reaching for the stars. Avid will do well because you understand the importance of community and relationships. Independent bookstores are the futurel bigbox, the past.

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