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Can you make money selling books online? (Part 1)

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  1. Morgan says:

    Hi Joe,

    I have certainly make some good sales selling books on Amazon. While I don’t do it for a living or anything, I’ve done it when I’ve needed some extra money. There’s always someone looking for your book, especially if it’s cheaper than a new book.

    I’ve tried selling books on eBay and am less successful than I am on Amazon.

    Great tips!

    1. Joe Waynick says:

      Hello Morgan;

      The best way to sell books on eBay is when they are part of a set. It’s very difficult to make a profit selling individual books there.

      For example, I’ve found that sets of the classic “American Girl” series sell well on eBay when they’re bundled in groups of six to ten different titles in each auction.

      The number of sets that can be created is almost endless. Try reviewing completed auctions to get a feel for what’s possible.

      Good hunting!

      1. Looking at completed auctions regularly is a great tip Joe. I used to create a search for books that have sold for over $75 with at least 3 bids (showing some interest) and see what was completed successfully. This is how I discovered The 16th Round (The Hurricane). I’ve since found 4 copies in various bookshops selling for $10 and have sold all four on eBay for between $60 and $115.

  2. Jack says:

    I just had a bad experience as a new seller on Amazon. I wanted to see how the process worked so I listed a few books under what I thought was a free trial period. I was royally excited because my newly purchased wholesale books sold very quickly. What I quickly learned, was that Amazon Fullfillment fees, merchant fees and commission fees took whatever profit I made.

    On a positive note, Amazon is working with me to resolve the issue.

    1. Joe Waynick says:


      I’m not sure why you had a bad experience. You already know in advance what fees will be charged. Consequently, you must price your books at profitable levels.

      If you low ball the market, you can easily lose money. There are no free trial marketplaces. Once a book sells, the marketplace will deduct its fees from the proceeds of the sale.

      Please revisit the article and familiarize yourself with the various fees so you can price accordingly in the future. I hope this helps.

      Good hunting.

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