I have long wanted to have a neon sign created for my bookstore.  I envisioned a “moving sign” that would have glowing pages flipping in jerky stop motion, something unique and artistic to draw the eye to our store.  I called around to several neon sign designers, and my dream was promptly smashed to smithereens when I was informed that my proposed signage could cost upwards of $1600.  My neon dream melted away for the most part, but today apparently not altogether, as my subconscious drove me to do a google search for neon signs today.

Lo and behold!  I found one!  It’s not as glamorous as the $1600 version, but it doesn’t come with the insane price tag either, so I was more than willing to compromise!

I headed over to ebay, and promptly purchased a unique, book themed tasteful “neon” sign for $26.99, including shipping.  Granted it will be shipped using a method slower than a wounded snail, but according to their page, I’m going to have a unique, bookstore worthy sign glowing in my front window sometime in the next three weeks.


I found competitors offering the same sign for $8.99, with shipping for $16.99, meaning that I could have saved $1.01, but that still didn’t dampen my enthusiasm over my recent purchase.  Did I mention that it has a neon book?  It has a neon book!  A NEON BOOK!  NEON!!!  Anyhow, moving on….

I almost bought two right off the bat, but thought that I should actually see one in action before committing to one for my second store front window.  Given that I don’t actually HAVE said sign in my possession, perhaps I should be a little more skeptical about its quality, but the reviews from other buyers seem very positive.

If you too, would like one of these little beauties for your store, simply visit ebay and search for “Neon Bookstore” or “Neon Book” and you should unearth the same glowing greatness that I did this morning.  I have included a link here, but my guess is that this one will get snapped up by the first savvy bookstore owner that sees it!





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12 thoughts on “A Need for Neon!”

  1. That sign is the coolest I’ve ever seen! Please come back again and post when you receive and install it to let us know if it meets all your expectations.

    1. We have one of these! Susan shares your love of all things neon! It is less intense than in the ad picture and does not present as well, enough that it does not show up to those driving by in cars, although it is good for foot traffic. It needs just the right window–with some darkness–to show up well, and our window is not it. We improved performance by sliding a sheet of black construction paper behind it and have been toying with figuring out how to get a black box around it and behind it. With some of the surrounding light cut out, it should be more easily noticed. But we do love it!

  2. I bought one exactly as pictured on Ebay which was shipped from Hong Kong two years ago, probably for the same price. I was disappointed that it was very low quality. The light is very dim and people can hardly notice the sign on the street. I had to use a regular open sign. Beware the low price.

  3. Before running out and getting a neon sign, make sure you can HAVE one. My lease specifies no neon. Mind, I’m in a mixed space building with neighbors upstairs, so this makes sense. don’t want blinky neons keeping the neighbors up at 3AM.

  4. Oh, one other tip. The sign we got was constructed to be hung, but that wouldn’t work in our window set-up. I unscrewed the hanging frame and flipped the plastic screen, and voila! A nice base, easily secured by some Blu-Tac!

  5. I should mention that these are not actually neon, just have a similar look. It’s like fiber optic, sorta. As I said before, they need dim/dark to show well, and full sunlight renders then invisible.

  6. Hi. I hope this doesn’t come across as spam. I have a small business designing and selling REAL neon signs. I was googling trying to find out what people wanted and found your blog. Anyway, I can make you a neon tube sign for your book store and ship it for $140. 16″ x 16″. My signs will get noticed!. Just thought I would mention it. Thanks. Mike

    1. Not spammy at all – fabulous! $140 is very reasonable, and I would be interested indeed. Can you email me? amber@bookman.ca if you please!

      The current one is perfect for walk by traffic – we have put a black piece of paper behind it for a stronger visual effect, but I’d love a brighter one as well.

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