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Hiring Staff for the Bookshop

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  1. P. J. Grath says:

    This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read on the Bookshop Blog. I wish I’d been interviewed at least once in my life by Amber Short!

  2. Wow! Amazing. I don’t think I would have been hired to sweep the floor in your store, lol. I can’t type, at all! And I’d have been so nervous in the ‘working test’ I’d have probably put A authors in the Z section.
    Not that I don’t appreciate this wonderful post and fantastic info on how to hire.
    What’s mostly interesting to me, is how *many* applicants you get! When I applied for the manager of the top mystery store in New York City, it seemed as though I was the only person who applied. Probably not true, but I’m positive there was not a huge turnout.
    I enjoy hearing about the creative cover letters. In my day, ‘professionalism’ was pounded into us–and any kind of deviation from the white typed paper was forbidden.
    I am going to remember all of these tips if I ever try to work in a bookstore again. They are extremely helpful.

  3. Judy says:

    I’ll echo Diane … wow! What a fantastic post, Amber. Excellent advice for employers, and also for potential bookstore employees, This post deserves to be highlighted in some way so that every single person who visits here can read it and take the advice onboard.

    1. Thanks Judy – I will highlight this on our front page – in the sidebar.

    2. Amber Short says:

      Wow, thanks Judy, what a lovely compliment. I’m so glad that it’s useful – sharing useful information is what this site is all about.

  4. Marjam says:

    Terrific information from an experienced employer.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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