Unbelievable Find! Unpublished Dashiell Hammett Short Stories Unearthed in Texas.

For those of us in the mystery community, this is like a gift from noir heaven! Hammett, famous for Sam Spade, Nick and Nora Charles and a slew of short stories had a relatively small output of work. Those of us who think of Hammett and Chandler as the foremost authors of hard boiled detective fiction, are gobsmacked by the news. Why Texas? How many stories? Found by whom, and how do they know it’s really from Hammett’s hand? Solve the mystery by reading this article found on Quill and Quire.

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  • Ummm. The link does not go to the answers to the probing questions you asked…inquiring minds are now totally frustrated! Am I missing a link on that site, or maybe they changed it?

    • I WAS missing the link. One has to click on the “From the Guardian” to get to the entire article.

      • Caro–did I do something wrong that didn’t allow people to click on the link, or didn’t it show the correct link? I’m still befuddled over the technical stuff–try to have mercy, I’m old! LOL.

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  • Caro–odd, I just clicked on it and the article was there. I’m perplexed.

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