We are Looking for Book People that enjoy writing..

Another Content Burst!

If you run a bookshop and want to earn a couple dollars for sharing your experiences then this may be just the ticket…

In the coming weeks The Bookshop Blog will be posting a lot more content. Whether you sell books online, operate a new B & M bookshop, are a seasoned veteran of the book trade, or a collector – we would love to hear from you.


The Bookshop Blog is looking for bookshop owners, book hobbyists, collectors or those going through the initial stages of creating a bookselling business to join our writing team – these positions will be paid once an initial 3 posts are submitted and accepted (for quality control).

Some of the benefits of submitting with us are:

An audience for your writing and your business, currently approximately 21 000 page views per month from over 12 000 unique visitors, 900+ subscribed readers and over 2500 Twitter Followers.  All very targeted visitors.

Links  from an established and trusted domain (Google PR 5) to your site. You can include 2 links to your site per post.

Once you have been with us one month you will begin to share in the revenue generated by the site, converted to a per post amount (updated every few months).

There will never be any fees or charges at any time. You are free to leave the group at anytime without obligation.

Your commitment and investment is entirely up to you. Posts would be on the topic of Books, Book Collecting, online bookselling, operating a bookstore or any general book related stories. (500 words min. with 1 or more image(s) attached)

Thanks for your time, if you have any questions at all or want to dive right in then feel free to use the form below. There are a few more details on this page.

Bruce K. Hollingdrake

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  11. R. M. Ubieta

    I’m a 27 year law enforcement officer who will be ready to retire in 2 to 3 years. I have always been interested in books. I have always wanted to be involved in the bookselling buisness, but as you can imagine, I have no idea where i should begin. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

    1. J.E. Darslow

      I would contact the ABA (American Booksellers Association) and ask for a free information kit about opening a bookstore. Their website is http://www.bookweb.org. I hope this will at least get you started.

  12. Carrie

    Hey Bruce,

    I enjoy writing for the bookshop blog so much that I’ve re-posted this announcement on my site here:


    I just wanted to make sure that my readers knew The Book Shop Blog had my personal recommendation for any freelancers :). Hope that’s okay!


    1. Bruce K. Hollingdrake

      That’s terrific Carrie – thanks for helping out. FYI, you noted the compensation. My view is that the compensation is two folded, the small payment and also the value of the links coming from our site to the Author’s personal site which would cost them at least $50 on any similar blog. So with that in mind I feel the compensation is pretty strong (if they have a website to market).