Opening a Bookstore

The Fundamentals of Operating a Successful Used Book Store

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  1. Judy says:

    Fantastic article, Ed. I don’t dream of opening a physical bookshop, my virtual online one keeps me gainfully employed. I do visit a lot of secondhand bookshops though, and have formed a lot of opinions about what does and doesn’t work. And here you have basically echoed my thoughts in your wonderful post. Thanks.

  2. julie tait says:

    I’d like to think my husbands bookshop reflects what you say here. We were talking lately about adding coffee or gifts but have decided against it (though he does make magnets which sell well). Thanks

    1. ed dugan says:

      A wise decision. The magnets are okay but we found that every square inch of our store has to be devoted to selling books because that’s what we do. However, if you are intent on running a restaurant I have one for sale.

  3. Veronica says:

    Ed, I have to ask (I manage a used bookstore). How are you paying people for books and staying afloat if you are only charging max $2.00 per book? What is your typical percentage in payment? We actually have credit cards we give out to people, and I now have a budget as to how much I can spend on purchasing books per month. Thanks! (P.S. We also have a new store, and we just opened another used/new. Plus, we are opening one more in October.)

    1. Cindy says:

      I think he is paying his customers 2.00 max per book, not selling for that.

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