Selling Books Online

Getting Started Selling on Amazon

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  1. TC Byrd says:

    Nice write-up.

    I don’t understand why people would use something like Scoutpal when Amazon itself has a mobile version of their own site for free. Anybody have any insight about this?

    1. Good point, TC. Not that I’m hawking for Scoutpal, because I know there are other decent bookscouting services out there, but Scoutpal allows you to format what you get delivered to your phone, adding or subtracting information at will. It also searches outside of Amazon, allowing you to show results from also, if wanted. It used to also show eBay results, but that seems to have been removed. We liked being able to see other sites at the same time, in the past, in case the Amazon results were totally out of whack with reality. Results are also text based, better for basic cell phones than full-blown PDA’s, iPhones and such. Text also lessens your bandwidth usage, if you have a limit on your monthly cellphone account as such.

      This is just what we liked for our little business, but others with more expensive phones and PDA’s may like the Amazon Apps better, and/or have less worry about exceeding internet usage limits on their phones.

  2. Brent says:

    Stephanie, I enjoyed your article. Your definitely right about getting into pricing wars. Everyone seems to being talking about the Kindle and the other electronic books,and how they maybe the death of used book selling, but I think the bigger problem is the computerized re-pricing systems. It only takes one person and some random computers a few days to make what was a $20 book into a $1 book.Lets hope some lazy dealers wise up!

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