Could you use an extra hundred dollars?

The Bookshop Blog just launched a new Discussion Community called Readers & Dealers. These types of forums often need a little encouragement to take their first baby steps. This month we are offering $100 of encouragement. The contest is simple enough, between right now and end of day Nov. 30 we will take the top 15 most active Forum users and randomly draw one name. The winner will receive a Paypal payment of $100 US. The payment will be made on Dec. 1st so you’ll have time before Christmas to use your little windfall. If you have any questions just post them in a comment.

There is no registration form for the contest, just head over to the Forum and start/join a discussion.

If you are on another Book-ish Discussion Board and would like to discreetly (or not so discreetly) inform others of the contest then please feel free – we need to get the word out.

One note about our Community and why anyone should consider being active when they are already on forums at Abe or Amazon. This board is independently owned and its format, direction, tone, features, etc. will always be decided upon by you – the participants. We will strive to build an interesting hang out with contest, feature upgrades, perhaps a Market Place of sorts and whatever ideas the community decides to implement. We are not just a Marketing tool for a Parent company but a place where you can freely discuss all the other venues.

This contest is for book sellers, collectors and book lovers/reviewers who actually have book related items to discuss. If somebody just spews out nonsense for the sake of the prize he will simply not be eligible. Spam is not tolerated in any shape.

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