This is a crime novel. I don’t ordinarily go in for that type of book, but being that it was by one of my favorite authors, and also that I happened to have an autographed manuscript here, I thought I would give it a shot. I was thrilled beyond belief that it was still filled with the sarcastic, edgy humor MJ is so well known for. That is often not found in this type of story. Believe it or not, I laughed out loud several times, which is not always convenient in public, but it simply couldn’t be helped.

This unique story is based on a special branch of the FBI called the BOFFO unit. They employ agents with mental disorders such as; paranoid schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, agoraphobia, and the like; as well as, our main character Cadence who has multiple personality disorder. Cadence Jones has two “sisters” inside her named Shiro and Adrienne. She was born to a mental patient who had been raped by a custodian of the institution. Witnessing her father’s murder at her mother’s hands when she was merely three causes her condition. Shiro holds the memory of the murder and appears when Cadence is scared. Adrienne is the vindicator and appears when it seems dangerous for Cadence. The three all have extremely different ways of looking at and dealing with crime scenes, which makes her an extremely valuable asset to the BOFFO unit. The case the book is centered around involves a killer who not only knows about her disorder, but is obsessed with it. She is left messages at every crime scene.

The characters of Cadence, Shiro and Adrienne are extremely well thought out and often the book doesn’t specify who is taking over the body. It is not confusing in any way because she develops each sister so perfectly that you can tell by the phrasing and actions precisely who you are reading about. Cadence never swears, is a virgin and loves to solve puzzles. Shiro is tough, smart, gay, observant and in total control. Adrienne is violent, unpredictable, and can make complete sense out of the tiniest details. The other central characters are an integral part in deciphering which personality is in control as well. Each of the sisters treats the co-workers and friends in an original way. All the employees of the unit know about each others disorders so they have all found the one place they can be themselves without judgments. The plot of the story flows quickly and easily throughout the tale, without skipping a beat. It is rich with imagination and excitement, topped with hilarity. Thrilling to the unexpected conclusion, I found myself shocked at the twists and turns of the plot. Completely unprepared for the end result, I was blown away by the identity of the killer.

This story held my interest and was a quick paced read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The sarcasm and wit kept it light and funny. The murders and the solving of the crime kept it grounded. The oddity of the agents made it a one of a kind scenario I would recommend to just about anyone.

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One thought on “Book Review: Me, Myself & Why by Mary Janice Davidson”

  1. This sounds like a pretty interesting read, especially if it’s easy to keep up with which of the 3 multiple personalities is talking. I’ve read many of Mary Janice Davidson’s books – have you read the Queen Betsy series?

    Anyway, thanks for reviewing the book. I’ve added it to my TBR list.

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