A new consignment bookshop for Antiquarian and Rare collectors in San Francisco

Here’s a question from one of our readers out in San Francisco, Roland Salvato. If you have any advice for him please leave a comment below. Thanks.

I am putting together a consignment bookshop for Antiquarian and Rare collectors (and booksellers) who wish to sell their books in a high-foot traffic location rather than just online. I need advice putting this together and so I am turning to my resources (you, for example) for advice. I am financing the bookshop location (possibly Ghirardelli Square), which will have the look and feel of an antique library, plus cafe, plus area for events. Anyone you suggest I communicate with about moving forward with this idea? Thank you.


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  • This is so far outside my experience that I can’t comment on any aspect except that it seems as if it would need a nice chunk of change to get off the ground. Best of luck with the enterprise!

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  • Temperature controlled rooms might cost, but they also provide instant advertising that the collection should be taken seriously. This works even if the books will be brought home by anyone. It transforms “used” books into collector’s items in the public’s mind.

    Even if it you just give the appearance that your books are being VERY well taken care of, their value will increase in the public’s estimation. Seasoned collectors know value, but you’ll bring in buyers and inspire new enthusiasts if you give them a little of what they expect from watching tv.

    So my advice would be to keep those two groups of people in mind when you design for store. Then send me the address, it sounds wonderful :).

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