Signed books: is this real?

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  1. Suzie says:

    Thank you, that’s a great article and a really useful resource.

    I did have a website that had many, many author’s signatures but I can’t find it offhand.

  2. prying1 says:

    Well written Nora. This article you have written is very helpful indeed.

    I once saw on eBay an “Authorized Uniform Edition” listed as “Signed by the author” (Mark Twain) and I knew for a fact the signature was printed at the factory because I have several books of the series. Buyer beware.

    More than once I’ve heard the line you begin with, “Wow, this book has been signed by the author! It must be worth a lot!”

    Of course this depends on WHO the author is or was.

    Take for example unknown poets. One of their 500 ‘limited edition’ vanity press books (the real distribution was 50 and that 50 free to friends and family members) was signed to Aunt Edna. This will not substantially increase the value of the book. Especially if an Internet search on the author’s name pulls up just the birth and death stats and no mention of the book.

    I’ve seen times where a signed copy of a little known/unknown poet or author is for sale and it is way, way over priced. The only people that might really know about or want the book are relatives and they already got the book for free.

    Initially when I started bookselling I would get excited about seeing a signature and I’ll confess I still get a little jump start to my heart but I’ve learned that if I want to sell it as opposed to storing it I still need to price it realistically.

    1. prying1 says:

      Thanks Therese! Great resource.

      One thing people might want to do is join the club and send in scans of signatures TomFolio does not have or perhaps even duplicates that will verify a previous posting. That way if you list a book as ‘Signed by author” then people will have the resource for verification. – Of course that is if you KNOW the signature is real…

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