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I haven’t done a little Link Luv post in a while. Here are a few websites that I’ve enjoyed. As always, if you have some of your own suggestions please add them below and we’ll try and add them next time.

Bookmarks: Toronto’s newest used bookstore, and more | Quill & Quire

Here’s a link to another link list but the idea was to remind you of one of the best online book sites around. Regular readers know that Bookride is probably my favorite but this one is right up there.

my cozy book nook: Some “bookish” thoughts…..

I found the system frustrating because it seemed that the books I wanted were never available. It was therefore easier for me to visit nearby used bookstores and purchase the book myself. Perhaps my expectations were too high? …

Frogs and Ravens: Books, Bookstores, and Kindle

Based on a comment originally posted on Lance’s blog, in response to this post.) In our current city, there are five bookstores. There is the small used bookshop with the former historian who will talk your ear off about local…

Bookstore People · Philly’s Fabulous Bookstores

The owner, Patrick Richardson Graham noted that the used bookstore business is always tight and continues to remain so. The store hosts music events including a couple of bands that impressed Jakob Dorof, but I’ve never heard of them. …

HubTrotter: Independent Bookstores in Boston

The main focus of the article is the Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner. It’s a great bookstore, and as an added bonus, there is a used bookstore in the basement. Also mentions Newtonville Books, another one of my favorites. …

Hope you like the sites. We’ll be ramping up the posting schedule this week, getting back to normal. If you’re interested in being a contributor, have a quick read here…

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