You'll Find The Best Books (and folks) in the Strangest Places

This has got to be one of the most charming couples I have seen. Meet the professor and the farmer and one of the most interesting bookstores I have yet seen.

For those receiving this via a Feed – come drop by the site to see the video, they are a delightful couple and if you love books you’ll want to drop by this dream place.


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  • I don’t know if I want to visit this place. My wife would never see me again.

  • that look so creepy

  • I think someone needs to introduce them to selling books via the internet. LOL

  • I am convinced without books, there would be no such thing as education. To add to that, with books one can get all the education one can handle.

    Books are making a comeback in our lives.

  • What a remarkable couple! I’d fly to Wisconsin and rent a car to drive to this isolated part of the country just to browse their buildings of books. What the Dittmans are achieving can be compared to the monks in Ireland following the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginnings of early Dark Ages. These monks saved the literature of Western Civilization until Europe could flower again in the later Medieval period and Renaissance. Hopefully we won’t experience an apocalyptic world where all knowledge is placed in jeopardy. Thank goodness for these people though. The castle building is amazing. They should seek some volunteers to help them inventory their collection. I’m sure there will be no shortage of book lovers to help.

  • Well that’s unusual! Each to their own I guess.

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