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A Cautionary(?) Tale: Or, There are no Morals in Book Selling

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  1. Nora says:

    That’s when you find a local art supplies store and see if they’ll buy them by the pound as craft material. It’s slightly better than lighting them on fire.

    Though I have a woodstove to heat this place in the winter, so things that appear to have been savaged by squirrels and are utterly unreadable sometimes server as tinder…

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve often imagined a combination book chipper/compressor that would make wood stove pellets for me, but I don’t think it exists; yet. Those remainders would have heated the shop for years.

    Not that I condone book burning – in general, anyway.

  3. Bob Lewis says:

    A wonderful story Tom, but you missed the chance at sweet revenge. I’d have sent the seller an email about the find – perhaps even exagerating it – THREE valuable books worth a total of $2000!

  4. George says:

    A horrific story – $800 for 20,000 books works out to 4 cents each minus your cost and processing time – but the sociopath who sold them to you also took a severe beating.

    Platitudes that can help us through times:
    “Good experiences become memories while bad ones become lessons!” and
    “It’s not what you get it’s how you handle it!”

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us alert.

  5. Keirry Milani says:

    Hoho 🙂 ….funny and quiet an interesting post….never thought that way….but yes the situation is likely to arise unconditionally at any given point of time when its late noon and not even a single customer has knocked at your store..but not to worry…..i am a regular visitor of book blogs and when i see so many posts, comments pouring on book discussions, i wonder if people are really active into reading books even in these days….so till these people are around, you need not worry of that day.. 🙂

    everyone likes to see money flowing into their pockets, be it from any source.,..i recently sold my used/second-hand books at and when i got that money in return, i realized that it is much more feasible that to have those books catching dust on my shelf…

  6. I bought something similar back when surface Mbay was around, though nothing like the quantity you bought. What was pictured on ebay as reasonable quality stock arrived as the US equivalent of Mills and Boon (Harlequins) and hideous exlibrary. I fired off an angry email to the seller who promptly refunded but never again.
    The good thing was it made me do my sums and decide it would be cheaper (and much more fun) to fly over and chose my own.
    There is certainly a point where the storage costs outrun the resale value of the books at which time paper recycling is definitely a better option.
    At least you got one decent book out of them!

  7. Is it too late to find a field and have a bonfire? If nothing else the publicity from book burning seems worthwhile…

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