Best of August posts on the Bookshop Blog

On the first of every month we will present some of the best posts of the previous month. One of our criteria will be comments so feel free to add your voice, there is a comment link at the top of each post.

The first one is a great post from George of Fairs Fair Books on the business of book selling, locations and Universal Truths.

My own favorite is a video by Philosopher Dan Dennett on memes.

The posting that received the most comments and email is another of my favorites. Don’t get attached to your mistakes by Tom Nealon.

Finally our biggest development this month has been the addition of our terrific writers. Tom of Pazzo Books, George of Fairs Fair, William of Hang Fire and Dana of Windy Hill have all helped bring you some insightful information and shared experiences. I hope you’ll visit their sites.

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