facebookHere’s a tip for getting a little exposure in your community. I hope your store is listed on Facebook, it’s a great place to get some free exposure. We’ll be doing an article on them shortly but for now let’s assume you have a free account there. What you can do is join any neighborhood group then post a few noteworthy but easy to get pocket books in the Facebook Marketplace in the Free Stuff list. We get at least a dozen requests a day about the books which gives us a chance to reply with our web address and a nice invitation. We just began doing this and are already gaining some extra feet in the door, more feets the better.

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Bruce K. Hollingdrake

Bruce K. Hollingdrake


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  3. Thanks for your insight. facebook is a great way to get some free exposure.

  4. OK, how do you ‘join a neighborhood group’?

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